App Camp (Summer 2015)

Wray Mills, 2015-08-27, Classes

hyperpad, python, pythonista

Summer 2015 App Camps

For many of the students in app camp this summer, we actually used apps to create apps. This is a nice way to get kids used to some of the basic concepts required to program (code) and ultimately build mobile applications. We jumped around using some of the best learning/app/game creation apps available. And all of them got an introduction to some text-based coding (Python) for some quick learning and exposure to programming language concepts.

Apps Used

Please note that Gamepress is no longer available on the app store. The good news is that your GamePress game will open in Hyperpad. The bad news is that many of the GamePress graphics (sprites) do not convert. Custom graphics convert and you can create your own graphics to replace those that did not convert. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any issues or questions pertaining to the GamePress -> Hyperpad conversions. This has actually been a good learning experience for our student app/game developers because they see how designing and creating graphics is just as time consuming and important as the actual game play logic and coding.

Pythonista Fun