Becoming a YouTube Star and Digital Artist!

Alex Noll, 2018-08-24, Classes

Cinematography, computer science, Digital Arts, YouTube


It was awesome to see the campers unleash their creativity through their videos!

Campers learned the basics of Video Making and Cinematography, as well as the social science of YouTube and how to be successful on the ever-changing platform:

Green Screen

YouTube * Getting Publishing with YouTube

Once you have your channel, you'll want to upload your video, uploading is a pretty complex process with many different variables to consider. To start, make sure you've prepared the video you want to upload by editing it and making sure it is the product you want the world to see.

After ensuring that your video is ready to be seen, you'll have to go to your main page on YouTube, then, in the top right corner of the page there's an upload button (an upward facing arrow) to click.

Upload Button

After going to the upload page, you' be prompted to select the content you want to upload, once selected you have to wait through an uploading process and processing process for your video to actually make its way onto YouTube.

Loading Screen

Next, you'll need to decide on a Title, Description, some Tags for your video, as well as the Video Thumbnail. Make sure your Tags are related to your video and that you include enough so that if a viewer searches a relevant term, they can find your video. You'll also want to keep your title short and relevant, while making your description more descript with the information that's excluded from the title.

For your Video's Thumbnail, it's best to verify your YouTube account by providing a phone number, this will allow you to upload your own Thumbnail pictures instead of using the ones that YouTube selects.

YouTube Verification After deciding on your Thumbnail, you're ready to upload. Just hit publish, and then your video is available for the world to see!

Digital Arts + For digital arts, we focused less on camera-oriented art and more on digitally created artwork such as animation or logos

Looking at iPad


3D Model

We hope our campers enjoy their Digital Artwork and Videos, have a great rest of the summer and good start to the school year!