Coding Camp 2015

Davis Mohar, 2015-07-21, Notes

coding, python

By Davis Mohar

Thanks for a great week everyone!

Last week, we split into two groups, beginners and people who already had some experience with coding. The group with experience coding started the week working with python, and the beginner group started out with Lightbot and Hopscotch in order to introduce programming concepts such as finding patterns and creating functions to complete this pattern.

The advanced group spent the first day on an introduction to python. On the second and third days, we continued with input/output and learned about data stuctures and the turtle library, which provides easy graphics in python. We ended the camp working on some challenges that ranged from more turtle graphics to a dice games.

The beginner group spent the first day in Lightbot, which focuses on pattern recognition. The first half of the second day we started with Hopscotch, which emphasis creating functions to use multiple times. In the second half of the day, we started with python, learning the basic syntax as well as creating a basic calculator. On the third day we added features on to the calculator, such as the ability to use multiple operators and also created a dice rolling simulator using the python random number library. The final day was spent learning the turtle library.

Both Lightbot and Hopscotch can be found on the Apple App Store, There is a free trial version of lightbot as well as the full version for $3. Hopscotch is free on the App Store.

Pythonista, the app we used to write and run python code on the ipads can be downloaded from the App Store for $7 or Python can be downloaded for free to run on your computer here (make sure you download Python 2.7.10 and not Python 3.4.3, they have significant differences)

If you are interested in continuing learning python, Python for Kids is a great place to start.