Editing & Producing

Tech Em Studios

Summer 2019

Who are we?

  • Chris
  • Rishi
  • Gabby


  • Name
  • What would you like to learn?
  • Favorite Youtube video genre?

Rules & Guidelines

  • Be respectful of other classmates
  • Be careful with video recording and editing equipment
  • Don't go on Youtube videos unrelated to your project

What makes a YouTube video popular?

Campers learn the secrets behind creating a channel and getting compelling video footage while maintaining appropriate privacy, content and safety.

Day 1

Your very own YouTube channel.
  • Choosing a name
  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Being a good Netizen!
Standing out from the crowd
  • Channel thumbnail
  • Channel banner
  • Channel description
  • Video thumbnail
  • Video description
Fill out your Youtube Channel Cheatsheet
  • Channel name
  • Channel Category
  • Channel description
  • Tags(at least 8)
Design your channel thumbnail and channel banner on the iPads
Design a video thumbnail and write your video description for your first video!

02:30 PM

Snack break

In the morning we focused mostly on the gathering of footage, and everything that doesn't involve editing.

Now what?


Video Editing:

  • iMovie
  • Mobile apps

Special FX:

  • Sound
  • Video

Intro, Outro, Credits?

Extras, Trailer, Bloopers?

How to upload
Promoting your content!


  • Create or verify access to your Youtube account
  • Keep brainstorming about the Special FXs and other post-production things you'd like to add to your video
  • Watch some of your favorite videos or ones that are similar to what you want to make for inspiration

Day 2

Finish up all of your channel art

Start editing your first scene

The basics of using iMovie

  • Importing footage
  • Trimming
  • Adding sound
  • Transitions
  • Intros, Outros
Mobile apps

Why use them?

Special FXs with the iPad


What you should have completed by the end of class:

  • Film scene 1
  • Edited it in iMovie
  • A rough draft of your intro

Day 3

Day 4