Summer 2018 Device Engineering Camp

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The kids are now experts at using Raspbian wih the Raspberry Pis!

Looking at Python

Throughout the Device Camp, we used the terminal and learned useful commands to navigate effortlessly through the pi and to write our programs in Python. On the first day of camp, the campers set up their raspberry pi devices. They wired breadboards and coded in Python 2 in order to turn on a LED light.

LED Breadboard

Connecting LEDs to the Raspberry Pi & Breadboard

During the second day of camp, the campers added more LEDs to their breadboards and learned how to make their LEDs respond to events in games such as Minecraft and snake. By the end of the day, the breadboards were covered in LEDs!

Tinkering with Hardware

Engineering the code of Raspberry Pi Games

The snake game (Wormy) that comes pre-installed on the Pis was a fan favorite this week, so we wrote custom code for the game in python to make the game easier or harder, as the campers saw fit, or to turn on our LEDs when we got points. Another fan favorite this week was editing the code for Tetris to make it harder. Campers changed the shape and size of all of the pieces as well as changing how the game played.


It was awesome to see how comfortable the kids were with using the Raspberry Pi as the Device Camp progressed. The hands-on, 'learn by doing' approach achieved inspiring results. Navigating to and from all the directories, the Python prompt, running Python programs using sudo... -the campers would recall the commands they have been learning and using, so they flew (with ease!) through the process of typing instructions to have the pi carry them out.

To say the least, witnessing the skills these campers learned was an impressive sight!