Digital Arts Summer Camp

Josef Seiler, 2017-08-04, Classes

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Digital Arts

By Josef Seiler and Forest Kim

Future Entrepreneurs

This week, campers were able to make up their own company and create logos for them. First, they got to learn a little about graphic design through iOS apps such as Assembly. With a little practice, off they went making excellent images for their companies!


Define your Company




Photography Scavenger Hunt

We learned a few core photography techniques: centering objects, lining up your horizon, lighting, as well as digital imaging tricks. Students used these tips and tricks to conduct a photography scavenger hunt to capture the items below.

Campers were tasked with editing these images using the app, iPhoto Editor (or another app) and organizing these images together in a unique way.

Books Alive!

Students took there favorite story or book, and made it into a movie! Some groups learned how to combine multiple animations to create a fluid movie, while others made stop-motion videos to retell the story of their favorite book.


The students at Digital Arts camp created impressive projects! Throughout the week, students presented some of their work to learn building from constructive feedback.

You can find all of your child's projects including 3d files, movies, animations, and logo designs by logging into the Tech Em Studios site. Just navigate to Classes, then to Art & Technology Camp. Here, there is a compressed folder with the projects from camp.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help getting to your child's projects.

We posted a few commercials and stop-motion projects from camp on the Tech Em Studios Youtube channel.

Enjoy the rest of summer!