Elementary Computer Science

Josef Seiler, 2016-05-03, Classes

binary search tree, koder, LED pendant, pythonista

Notes for the final sessions

This week we are starting on our final project. We will use binary to code our very own LED pendant! We will use concepts we learned from the binary language, the language computers speak. Specifically, 1 codes for "on", and 0 codes for "off." First, we will make a design using pencil and paper. Then, we will use the Koder app to transfer our code to upload on the pendant. We will complete this for the final class, next week, so you can take the pendants home and show them off!

Last week we wrote our first program in Pythonista, the classic "Hello World" program. We also wrote code to generate a calculator that could perform the following operations: addition, subtraction, multplication and division.

Some computer pioneers we reviewed from the previous week:

We also learned how to search for something, using a binary search tree! When we use a binary search tree, we compare each node and we either search to left subtree or right subtree or we 'cut' our tree in half. This allows a search to happen much faster than it would otherwise.We explored this by picking a number between 1 and 20, then searching our tree until we found (or did not find) that number.

A few terms from the past two weeks:
computer program a set of written instructions to be carried out by the computer.
algorithm a procedure for solving a problem.
procedure a set of reusable instructions - remember using procedures in lightbot?