Gaming at TES (Winter 2015)

Wray, 2015-03-25, Classes

Floors, GamePress

Thanks again for letting Tech Em provide After School Enrichment for your kids! This was a terrific group -- very focused and pretty quiet considering they were mostly working on and playing games! Well, that is until they found out they could play iTunes radio on their iPads the last day!

We worked primarily in two iOS-based apps for this class: Floors and GamePress.


Floors is available for iOS (free) at Pixel Press Floors. Floors leverages "Design Thinking" -- we asked the kids to think about the aspects of games that they like versus those that they don't like. We actually played some games in the Floors arcade for some comparisons before they started on their games. All students have projects in the Floors arcade. I know some of them had better names for there games, but in the spirit of anonymity while making sure they can find their games, I published them in the arcade using the techemstudios account naming them "TES-N" where N is their iPad number (refer to your email).


Game Press is available on iOS (free) at GamePress App. GamePress is a bit more technical and uses a behavior-oriented strategy for creating games. This is similar to apps like Scratch, but in GamePress, the options are much more complex and students can adjust things like the physics-related aspects of characters and enemies. If your student worked through a GamePress App, it will be on their thumb drive. What you'll need to do is first install GamePress app on your iOS device and either email the .tap file on the thumb drive to your iOS device (iPad) or AirDrop the file to your iOS device. Your device should give you the option to open up the file in GamePress to play the game and/or continue editing it.

The classic two-player tank game


Some of the students preferred Floors and kept working on their games there and some moved on with GamePress. I would certainly encourage them to keep working (or create new games) with either app.

Please don't hesitate to comment here or email us if you have any feedback or questions. We'd love to help these students continue exploring software creation and learn more about Computer Science and Software Engineering!