Gaming Camp (July 2015)

Wray Mills, 2015-09-01, Classes

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Summer 2015 Gaming (Updated for the August Camp)

You can access your Hyperpad (formerly GamePress) app or Unity projects by logging into TechEm's secure site. There is an enrollment record for every class, course, or camp you take at TechEm. So, go to the record for the gaming camp and there will be a zipfile that contains the GamePress app(s) you created during the camp or the Unity projects you edited or created.

GamePress is now Hyperpad

If you started with the Gamepress App and did not convert to Hyperpad during camp, you can open your GamePress app in Hyperpad. As you learned, this app provides a more advanced visual, event-oriented system that is optimized for building classic arcade-style games. Please note that Gamepress is no longer available on the app store. The good news is that your GamePress game will open in Hyperpad. The bad news is that many of the GamePress graphics (sprites) do not convert. Custom graphics convert and you can create your own graphics to replace those that did not convert. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any issues or questions pertaining to the GamePress -> Hyperpad conversions. This has actually been a good learning experience for our student app/game developers because they see how designing and creating graphics is just as time consuming and important as the actual game play logic and coding.

Students testing a GamePress app

For Unity, make sure you have the latest version of Unity installed, unzip the package and you will see your various projects -- play or edit them within the Unity environment.

Recap on what we did

We split into two groups, the Hyperpad group and the Unity group.

The Hyperpaders worked mainly with GamePress to build games in answer to several challenges put forth by the instructors. On the final day, they finished up their "primary" games and everyone "tested" the games. There were also several Minecraft sessions to break-up the GamePress sessions.

Hyperpad gives the students experience in event-driven programming and basic game logic. The games created are arcade style, 2-D. The instructor challenges were presented in order to show the many different types of games and applications that can be created in this environment.

The Unity group worked at first on a 2D pong game (July Session -- August session they started in 3D). They quickly moved on to more advanced 3D concepts, learning first about camera positioning and terrain in a 3D gamespace. They were able to then import a full 3D game and make their own modifcations.

Unity is a professional gaming environment with a learning curve that we get the campers over during their week. They should be able to continue editing the games they edited/created and should be ready to continue with advanced edits and basic programming in the environment.

And contact us if you have any issues or questions!

Happy gaming.