Intro To Code & Robotics

Alex Noll, 2018-09-01, Classes

computer science, programming, raspberry pi, techcamp

Intro to Code

Tabs or Spaces?

To start off the week, we laid out a basic foundation of programming knowledge through fun apps and games like LightBot which helped the campers get the fundamentals of programming down before moving to the more advanced keyboard based code.


After LightBot, we warmed the campers up with everything they'd need to know to get started with Keyboard Coding! Functions, boxes, and data types galore!

As the week progressed we moved each camper to their own AWS Cloud9 EC2 instance where they could tinker to their heart's content!

Looking into Monitor


Run Robot, Run!

The camp began with students designing and assembling their robots. This year we used Raspberry Pis and custom 3D printed frames allowing for much more customization than the Bombini Bots of old!

Collaborative Robot Design

After configuring their robots for using SSH and VNC, they finally had a method of wireless communication and remote control for their robots!

Using their VNCs from their iPads, campers were able to load programs onto their robots and modify them as they saw fit!

Robot Test