Intro to Coding 2018

Wray Mills, 2018-08-05, Classes

hopscotch, python

Intro to Coding 2018

Thanks for a great week everyone!

Last week, we started out building the foundations of coding with Lightbot and Hopscotch in order to introduce programming concepts such as finding patterns and creating functions to complete this pattern.

The beginner group spent the first day in Lightbot, which focuses on pattern recognition. The first half of the second day we started with Hopscotch, which emphasis creating functions to use multiple times. In the second half of the day, we started with python, learning the basic syntax as well as a fun graphics library called turtle. Using turtle, we applied the concepts we learned in Lightbot and Hopscotch to draw patterns and shapes on the screen.

Another skill we worked on this week was improving our typing. We used and to learn proper typing techniques and to practice typing. has great lessons and fun games that focus on teaching the proper way to type and help you improve your typing. is a website where you can practice typing longer phrases and paragraphs while racing against others.

Both Lightbot and Hopscotch can be found on the Apple App Store, There is a free trial version of lightbot as well as the full version for $3. Hopscotch is free on the App Store.

We used an online python editor called Trinket this week, which is a great way to easily write python code

If you are interested in continuing learning python, Python for Kids is a great place to start.