Wray Mills, 2015-07-24, Classes

3dprinting, minecraft

Summer 2015 3D Printing at the JCC

By Wray Mills and Davis Mohar

Thank you so much for sending your kids/coming to our 3D printing camp at the JCC. Please see the details below on what we did throughout the week and some pointers and links if you want to continue exploring the 3D printing world.

Also, please visit our main site for information on summer camps at our studio and our Computer Science and Programming courses. Our Fall schedule will be up next week!

Where are the rest of the prints??

We are continuing to print some students' 3rd design and everyone's 4th design (most of the 4th designs were built in minecraft). We will bring the prints back to the JCC and email everyone to let you all know when they are ready. We appreciate your patience and the students know that while the 3D printers are really cool, the current consumer and small-business grade additive 3D printers are slow.

Recap on what we did

Thanks again and Happy printing!