Make a Movie Camp Recap

Josef Seiler, 2016-06-28, Classes

imovie, techcamp

That's a Wrap!!!

The campers really came together to make amazing movies using a variety of learned techniques!

We started with a mini lesson on basic movie making.

First, campers formed teams and started with brainstorming at least three movie ideas. From here, we continued the process with creating a script and storyboard. Using general premises of stories, they had a protagonist go on a journey of some sort and an antagonist to shake things up.

After filming scenes from their storyboards, the editing process came into play. The "to more film and edit" holds true! More scenes were created and filmed, thus having more room for the editing process using iMovie, Garageband, and special effects apps, like ActionFX.

From the final camp email: You can get a sample of the projects we did from our site. Login to our secure site from our homepage or from this link: If logging in for the first time, use your square receipt id as your password (or use the password reset feature or contact us if you have trouble). You can easily change your password once logged in. From this site, you can download a zipfile containing the movie project your child created.

It was truely amazing to see the creative minds and inner big movie directors emerge while running through the videography process!

Make movies and enjoy the rest of the summer!