Media Arts and Movie Camp

Forest Kim, 2016-07-28, Classes

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Media Arts

Media Arts! What does that make you think about? Simple drawings or just laid-back videos? Wrong! Media Arts is all about creating new ways to channel your inner artist and create amazing content through technology! At Tech Em, the Media Arts program will provide all the necessary tools for your child to become a true artist; however, it's not just a simple pen-and-paper artistry that we teach. From printing sculptures through 3D printing, to making awesome movies with iMovie, and making music with GarageBand, your little artist will be able to vent all the pent up imagination and creativity into reality.

Movie Making

Lights, Camera, Action! Does your child like making movies and wants to know more in cinematography? Then the Movie Making camp is the right camp to be! Tech Em instructors will teach the movie making process and what needs to happen for a film to be realized! Movies like Star Wars and Transformers go through a basic routine of movie making, and we can assist your child to become the next J.J. Abrams or even Michael Bay! From storyboarding, to finding good camera angles, and even using special effects, your child will be able to become an Academy Award winning director/actor in no time! Feel free to see our previous camp members' movies on our YouTube!

Movie Camp


Now, you may ask: How will this benefit my child's future? Will it do much at all other than create time for them to have fun? In fact it will! With the knowledge they gain about technology and the creativity that they harvest, the CIT (Center for Information Technology) at Deep Run High School would be a great specialty center to be enrolled in the future. We have students currently enrolled in the center who are assisting with our camps that have plenty of experience in IT and in movie making. The CIT looks for bright minds with interest in the Information Technology field (which entails things such as programming, web design, and even making computers), and if your child loves 3D printing, tampering with electronics, programming, and creatively coming up with new ideas, they will love being in the CIT!

Media Arts and/or the Movie Making camp could be the spark for an awesome future and career in the field of information technology or even cinema, so enroll now and let your child's inner talent blossom!

Click the link below to see a few movies made by talented Tech Em Students:

How to Get Your Child Involved

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