Minecraft Camp (August 2015)

Wray, 2015-08-09, Classes

bukkit, minecraft, python

Here are some notes on the various things we did or discussed over the week. Some of the students stayed on Minecraft Pocket Edition, while most of the students worked on preparing a world for a final show-down using the PC version. Regardless, you and your students can use this blog post as a reference for doing more on your own with Minecraft.

Minecraft PE Server

We discussed servers and clients and the networking involved to make games like minecraft work. We setup a minecraft PE server. If you are interested in running a PE server for your own home network, you can find one here (you must use the development version to be compatible with the latest iOS Pocket Edition):

Get PocketMine

The instructions are relatively straightforward and this server acts similar to the PC server version in that it will create several configuration files after the first time the server is run. However, please keep in mind the following pros and cons when it comes to running this server vs. simply sharing your PE world with others on your network (essentially Minecraft PE can run as a "server" for others on your network).

Another nice article to read with information on PocketMine and configuring it.

So, the other thing we covered with some of the students in camp is how you can actually get another app that works with Apple's Game Center that allows you to expose your PocketMine PE world outside of your network. This is actually pretty cool, but a little tricky to setup. Furthermore, there are so many people just waiting for new PE worlds to be exposed that your world can quickly be invaded by TNT wielding and lava toting fire starters! The app's site does an ok job explaining how to set things up, but feel free to shoot me an email or comment here if you have some issues:

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE powered rails and redstone

We also spent some time on minecraft PE showing how one can use powered rails and build binary logic gates! There is a good YouTube resource for doing that.

We didn't get to doing this in PC redstone, but I would encourage that you all try this at home (and let us know how it goes).

August 2015 Minecraft camp

Minecraft Bukkit server and Python

So, we also did quite a bit with a version of minecraft known as Bukkit. This is similar to the version that runs on the raspberry pi in that it allows us to make server modifications using Python. Here are roughly the steps we went through (and the students who coded should mostly remember how this goes).

Thank you

Thanks again. I probably learned more than you all did and I appreciate that. Please comment here or send me email if you need anything else. For those of you who were using our laptops and want to do the Bukkit server on your own, let me know if you need more detailed instructions and I'll work with you all. Check out our Fall classes coming up. I know you all would do great in these classes and I'm happy to talk to you about which class would be best for your child.