Minecraft in 3D Camp Recap

Josef Seiler, 2016-06-28, Classes

3D printing, computer science, minecraft, techcamp

Haunted Houses, 3D Printed Minecraft Objects and Binary Logic Gates, Oh My!

It was a great experience to see creative minds design complex builds in minecraft and witness the use of teamwork to clash (hunger games style) and to create intricate switching devices in Minecraft!

Campers learned the basics of designing for 3D printing. Below are the steps we completed to perform this:

From the final camp email: You can get a sample of the projects we did from our site. Login to our secure site from our homepage or from this link: https://secure.techemstudios.com/enrolled_children. If logging in for the first time, use your square receipt id as your password (or use the password reset feature or contact us if you have trouble). You can easily change your password once logged in. From this site, you can download a zipfile containing a 3D Design file ("stl") your child created.

During the camp, we did a few exercises of simple binary logic gates on the whiteboard then incorporated that same logic in minecraft. Campers built a few binary logic gates (AND, OR, NOT gates) using redstone. Learning binary logic gates greatly helps in understanding how the hardware in all computers operate. They were then challenged to incorporate what they learned from the lesson by participating in collaborative team builds!

We hope our campers enjoy their 3D builds and have a great rest of the summer!