Notes On Setting Up Your Robot

Josef Seiler and Chris Kefalas, 2016-08-22, Notes

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Some Notes on Configuring the BombiniBot

Three Preceding Steps to Control your BombiniBot Robot

  1. Download the Scratch based programming environment from and choose the windows link or the mac link depending on your operating system.

    i) This will download as a compressed (zip) file, so unzip the folder once it is done downloading.
    i) The folder will shown as 'BombiniBotWin' or 'BombiniBotMac'

  2. Download the Arduino drivers here

    i) Scroll down till you see DOWNLOAD, select this, then select the download file for Arduino CH430 Drivers. Unzip the folder once it has completed downloading.
    i) This will greatly help with pairing the robot successfully.

  3. Download the Arduino Environment on Unzip the folder once it has completed downloading.

    i) You will use this when programming your Arduino Compatible Board. i) The folder will be shown as 'arduino-1.6.3-windows' or 'arduino-1.6.3-mac'

Connect your Robot to Bluetooth:

Run Your Robot using Arduino:

Troubleshooting your Robot!

Further issues could be due to the 'whiskers' or antennae on the robot.

From the overview of the BombiniBot, here is a close-up of the whiskers' location and a bit on what they do1:

whiskers whiskers testing

Hardware Checks & Double Checks