Python Coding Camp 2016

Davis Mohar, 2016-07-18, General

coding, python, pythonista

Thanks to all our new coders for the great week at Python Coding Camp!

We started off the week by diving into the basics of python. We went over basic printing, math functions, and getting user input. We finished the first day up by writing up a calculator that allowed the user to pick which operation they want to use. On day 2, we reviewed the sytax we had learned yesterday and then moved on to create a automatic mad libs program. We went over some more python features such as loops, arrays, and functions and then ended the day by starting a random sentence program that downloaded a list of random words from the internet and then would insert them into our sentence. The next two days we worked on projects such as a coin flip statistic program as well as a graphical program using the turtle library.

All the code that we worked on is availble on github for you to download.

To get python installed on your home computer, go to, click on the downloads tab, and then download python 2.7.12 (NOT Python 3.5.2, they are not interchangeable) You can then run the downloaded file and python should be installed on your computer! You can now run and edit any .py file using the new IDLE program that you just downloaded.