Robious Elementary Game Design Winter 2017

Josef Seiler, 2017-02-24, Classes

computer science, design thinking, game design, Hyperpad

List of Downloadable Links for Created Games

Everyone did a great job designing their games! Below is a list of links for each student from the Game Design class at Robious Elementary School from this Winter's session. A total of 15 designed games! Presently, Hyperpad is only available on an iPad and it is free.

These links are only available for seven days, starting today. So, be sure to check out the game links as soon as you can! Feel free to email if the link has expired.

Student Name Link to Hyperpad Game
Harrison Game
Caleb Game
Sydney Game1 & Game2
Hank Tee Tee
Charlie Death Ball & Charlie Mac
Nathaniel Game
Brett Game
Daniel Game
Guthrie Game
Auggie Game
Joshua Game
Brady Game
Emory Diaper

Instructions for Accessing Your Game

Download the free Hyperpad app. Open the link for your game on an iPad. The game will open in the app. Now, you can play the game and edit the game, so that you will always have it!

For more on what we learned about the design process to create these games and Hyperpad, visit our blog on Design Thinking and a blog from last year's Game Design summer camp. We learned this process specifically for creating games, but it is widely used for design, in general. Have a great rest of the school year!

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