Shady Grove Y Game Design 2019

Wray Mills, 2019-07-29, Classes

game design


1-week Session July 29-Aug 2, 9 - 12pm

Build the game you’ve always wanted to play! Students will learn about character creation, animation, gaming principles, all while learning elementary coding concepts.


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Game Design Powerpoint


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Day 1


iPads- make sure that all the iPads are signed in on hyperpad


Start off the class with introductions and play some ice breakers. Introduce the concept of design thinking using the Game Design Powerpoint. Emphasize that design thinking is a user-centered approach to design games. Pass out this [design thinking worksheet] ( for students to reference.

Go over some design thinking questions with the class. What is your favorite game to play? Why is it your favorite game to play? What makes this game fun?

Introduce the hyperpad platform that we will be using throughout the week to create games. Have the students play three different games on hyperpad and fill out the [Design Questions Sheet].

Have students start creating ideas for their games on paper. They can use the [Grid Sheets] ( to sketch out various levels. Encourage students to think about blocks, obstacles, coins, puzzles, and the information they gathered from their design thinking activities.

Out of Desk

Design thinking questions as a class and worksheet

Hands On

Playing games on hyperpad


Today, we all got settled in and ready for the week of design to come! We went over our favorite video game levels and what made them so great. We talked about how we could incorporate them into our own levels. After discussing our objectives for the levels, we got to work. Everyone made at least three levels today with some students even adding in characters! Tomorrow, we will make sure everyone's game has playable character

Day 2


iPads- make sure that all the iPads are signed in on hyperpad


Review design thinking from yesterday. Walk the class through how to make a game on hyperpad using the screeshots on the Game Design Powerpoint slides.

Then, have the students continue to sketch and design their games on the grids they started yesterday. Students that are ready can start transferring their designs on paper to their Hyperpad game. Remind kids to not put too many coins/obstacles at first on Hyperpad because they will need to program what the coins/obstacles will do. Be sure to record each student's ipad number and the name of the game they are working on Hyperpad.


Students wrapped up with designing their levels and even moved on to adding chracters and enemies. Lots of progress was made today with some students even finishing their first platformer game. The goal for tomorrow is to have everyone finished with their first platformer game and then move onto making their "impossible" games.

Day 3


iPads- make sure that all the iPads are signed in on hyperpad


Review some of the basic hyperpad functionalities. Go over the concept of of conditions. If this happens then this will happen. Example: "If you eat all your vegetables, then you can have desert" Talk about how conditions relate to gaming. For example, if the user moves the joystick then what does the character do? Once the character collides with the obstacle what happens?

Use the Game Design Powerpoint to go over how to do conditions in hyperpad.

Go over character/object behaviors in hyperpad and how objects interact with each other in hyperpad. Have the students continue to develop their games.


Today, we resumed by continuing the effort to finish our games. Everyone continued to add enemies and obstacles into their levels, as well as a couple of tricks of their own! All students finished with their platformers and shared them with each other for input. Tomorrow, each student will begin work on their "impossible" games.

Day 4


iPads- make sure that all the iPads are signed in on hyperpad


Review the hyperpad skills learned yesterday. Go over the importance of testing and getting user feedback when designing games.

Have students complete the [Design Thinking Interview Activity Worksheet] ( with a partner. Students will test each other's games and provide feedback. Students will then think of solutions to the given feedback and continue to edit their games.


Today, the students put a lot of work into tweaking and refining their "impossible" games for tomorrow's contest. The students have been putting in a tremendous amount of effort to make sure they secure a prize tomorrow!

Day 5


iPads- make sure that all the iPads are signed in on hyperpad


At the beginning of class, review the design thinking process and the importance of creating games that are user-centered. Go over any common struggles with Hyperpad that students have had throughout the week. Students will finalize and test their games.


Today was the big contest; we spent the first half of the day putting on finishing touches to our levels and for the second half we proceeded with our contest. The rules were simple: If the instructors couldn't beat a student's level, they won! For additional friendly competion, if you played and beat another student's level, you also won! These two rules helped to ensure that by the end of the day, everybody was happy with how the contest turned out and we saw awesome participation on the students' part. It was a great week!

Game Access

To access your games, you will need to install the free app Hyperpad from the App Store and create a free account. Once inside the app, you can go to the hub and either search for the name of your Student's game or search for the username Techem which will show you the games that have been published. Every student's game has been published, feel free to contact us if you need any help finding your game!