Shady Grove Y Game Video Production 2019

Wray Mills, 2019-07-29, Classes

gaming, video production


1-week Session July 29-Aug 2, 1 - 4pm

Are you a gamer or game designer? Want to capture your gaming creation or skills for friends and family to see and hear? Campers will learn video capture, audio, voice-over, editing and production techniques in order to show off and share their gaming skills.



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Day 1



Start off the class with introductions and play some ice breakers. Students will discuss their favorite games. Instructors will go over screen recording and the best methods to capture gaming skills on video. Students will start to record their gaming skills.


For the first day of camp, we introduced ourselves and talked about our favorite video games and favorite video game content creators to get our minds ready to create! We went around the room to plan out which games would be played and made a list of everything that each student needed to make their own masterpiece. We then proceeded to get all of the corresponding games for each student, and they began practicing for filming the next day!

Day 2



Students will continue to gather footage of their gaming skills. Instructors will go over the various features of iMovie: how to import media, how to edit video and audio, how to insert text, how to insert special effects, etc. Once students are finished gathering footage, they will start editing their footage in iMovie.


Students continued to hone their skills for their videos up until around halfway through class when we began to record their gameplay footage. All of their hard work and determination started to pay off as their skills were translated into the footage. Some students even made the leap into filming with the green screen for their videos! Tomorrow, we plan to get more green screen footage and begin editing what footage we have.

Day 3



Students will continue to edit their footage. Instructors will go over how to do voice overs and audio for their videos.


Today, some students continued to gather more video game footage to use in their videos, while others decided to get more use out of the green screen. Toward the end of the day, a few students even began editing their videos. Tomorrow will be our first major editing day, so every student will begin editing their videos soon!

Day 4



Students will finalize their voice-overs and continue to edit their videos. If students finish early, they can continue to record more footage to edit.


Today was a big editing day for everyone, the last bits of film were recorded, but the bulk of the day was spent editing videos to have them ready for showing off tomorrow! Tomorrow, we will finish up the videos and then show them to the class.

Day 5



Students will finish editing their videos, and they will take turns presenting them to the class. Their videos can be found on our Tech Em Studios YouTube channel.


Today was the last day to finish editing videos and everyone walked out of class today with a finished video that they showed to the class at the end of the day. Everyone did a great job with getting good gameplay footage and editing the videos to their liking, we produced some great videos!

Video Access

All videos will be accessible here for use on your own YouTube accounts: Video Link