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Alex Noll, 2019-03-09, Classes

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4-week Session Saturdays, March 2 - March 23, 10:00am-12:00pm

Students will gain or expand their YouTube knowledge by creating their own YouTube channels, recording their own videos, editing their videos, and uploading their content. They will learn practical technological skills such as proper video recording, video editing, video publishing, and uploading videos to the internet.


Lead Instructor

Chris Kefalas

Additional Interns/Instructors

Alex Noll

Learning Objectives

Day by Day Topics


Students should have access to a device capable of accessing YouTube outside of class.

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Instructor Note

I'm always excited to lead a YouTube camp because it brings out all sorts of creativity in the campers. For the past year or so a lot of the YouTube content being uploaded has been heavily focused on video games, and live streaming. For this session, I really wanted the kids to avoid using video games in their videos, and instead try to actually write a story board, think about the different scenes, and finally learn some techniques about video editing and special effects. As this session shows, the idea that you first come up with might not be the same idea that you decide to end with. And as we got further along in development of our movie, we were able to better decipher exactly what we wanted to produce.

Day 1

Campers on Day 1

Wanna be a YouTube star?!? Being that YouTube has become the largest repository of videos made by people around the world on the Internet, it's only natural that many youngsters have hopes of uploading their own videos and making it big! On the first day of class our main objectives will be to introduce kids to the world of YouTube. As well as start our brainstorming process, mapping out ideas, and crafting our storyboard on the whiteboard. I like using a whiteboard because it really forces the idea that nothing is permanent, and at this stage we don't want to focus on permanent. We want to let our brain flow with ideas, the organization of it all will come after.

Out of Desk

We will briefly towards the end of class after all of our brainstorming and storyboard engineering, talk about the equipment we need. Making a list of it, going around the studio to gather it, and making sure it works! This preplanning and preparation is going to make our class next week and transition from ideas to filming much smoother.

Hands On

Starting out with a discussion about YouTube, and the various types of content that is uploaded. Kids will move on to the brainstorming process, and getting their ideas written down on the whiteboard. Once they feel confident that they are making some progress on their idea, I will encourage them to narrow things down and start to work on areas like character creation, and environment specifics. We won't be doing any filming on the first day, and focusing fully on our brainstorming and preplanning process.



Instructor Actual

We had an awesome time the first class! We mainly worked on brainstorming our ideas, and getting things onto our whiteboard which we set up as a storyboard. We started with getting our characters finished, and each student came up with a couple different background facts about their newly created characters for their film. Once we felt good about our characters we started working on the area that we wanted this to all take place. We know that we wanted to use the green screen but didn't really know what we wanted to put up on it. Did some more brainstorming about the different equipment and props we think we needed, and also some special effects like music, and other noises.

We finished off doing a little bit of filming, and getting a feel for what things were going to look like, and any tweaks that we might need to make to our storyboard.

Day 2

Campers on Day 2

Today will be the day that we start getting some footage. But first, we will spend a couple minutes in the beginning going over our storyboards, and adding any last additions or fixes. We still aren't going to lend too much focus to editing and special effects. And we don't need to worry about getting things perfect, we can film multiple takes, and do lots of post-production touch up!

Out of Desk

Filming and getting footage will be our main priority today. We will be breaking down our storyboard into "film-able" scenes, and gathering as much footage possible!

Hands On

The students will learn how to operate the camera, and the process of filming different scenes. In addition to yelling "CUT" if something goes wrong! One thing I try to stress to the kids is that nothing is permanent, and that we can always go back and refilm something. Or totally change up how we want something to play out in our film.



Instructor Actual

For Day 2 our main focus was recording, and getting some footage. We weren't too worried about the editing part, or many special effects but we wanted to make sure we had most of the footage we wanted to capture for our film. We started class doing a little bit of tweaking to our storyboard, and adding in any new stuff that we had thought of over the week away from class.

We had a total blast filming, lots of laughs, and good bloopers that we are going to throw into the movie as well. I think we learned a lot about what wasn't going to work, and what would work. I think we also started to really focus in on the specific things that the kids wanted to do, and what was possible within our means.

Class ended with reviewing some of our footage in iMovie, and doing a little bit of special effects with the green screen.

Day 3

Campers on Day 3

Continue with more footage gathering, and acting! We will spend the first hour of class getting more footage, and working through our scenes that we have planned with our storyboard. The second hour of class will be spent in iMovie getting our footage arranged. As you learn when making a film, it's not only filled with the footage that you have filmed yourself. You still have to work on a sort of introduction that involves text, transitions, and special effects. In addition to areas throughout and your conclusion that will include similar editing. Those parts of the film will also be part of our focus today.

Out of Desk

Footage! Work on coming to a completion of the raw footage we intend to get, including footage that will involve the green screen.

Hands On

Getting more comfortable with iMovie and working to finalize the beginning parts of our film. While we may not get all of our raw footage finalized, we should at least get to a point where our introduction, and opening scenes are close to such a state. The introduction should consist of introducing the characters, and providing the viewer with any context that the kids feel is necessary. Oh, and of course special FX!!!!



Instructor Actual

Another awesome morning of filming and gathering some footage! I think we all learned a lot today about where we saw this project going. And what was awesome is that it all happened so naturally. The kids started out with one idea, and we have kind of pivoted into doing a horror movie! One of the campers was telling everyone scary stories, and we started to film them. They had a rush of inspiration, and off we went. From an instructor perspective this was awesome to see. And it was only something that was capable of happening after we had gotten started filming, and editing. Because at that point you start to see what you enjoy doing, what you don't enjoying doing, a better understanding of what will work, and what won't work.

Day 4

Today is our final day, so our focus will be on getting everything finalized and ready for production! Aside from editing and special FX, we will work on the exporting from iMovie, and uploading to YouTube part of the class. Besides just uploading it to YouTube, there are a couple other things we need to do alongside to make sure our video looks presentable on YouTube.

Out of Desk

Not much filming today, but of course if last minute things need to be filmed we will go for it! I've made sure to introduce the concept to all the students of there always being the chance to make a sequel later on!

Hands On

Students will finalize the editing and special FX of their videos. They have wanted to add a bloopers section, that we will be definitely adding that at the end! Not only that, we will work on a "video thumbnail" and some other components that you are required to make in order to upload a video on YouTube.



Instructor Actual

We had a great last class, and I think everyone probably would agree we could use more time! But, we managed to get something made, and finished most of all the special FX we wanted to add. If given the opportunity, I'm sure they definitely would add a sequel! There are serious parts, and parts that are absolutely hilarious.

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