YouTube Camp Em 2019

Alex Noll, 2019-03-09, Classes

computer science, technology, youtube

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4-week Session Saturdays, March 2 - March 23, 10:00am-12:00pm

Students will gain or expand their YouTube knowledge by creating their own YouTube channels, recording their own videos, editing their videos, and uploading their content. They will learn practical technological skills such as proper video recording, video editing, video publishing, and uploading videos to the internet.


Lead Instructor

Chris Kefalas

Additional Interns/Instructors

Alex Noll

Learning Objectives

Day by Day Topics


Students should have access to a device capable of accessing YouTube outside of class.

On the line Resources

On the line Presentations

Day 1

YouTube Content Creation Introduction

Wanna be a YouTube star?!?

Out of Desk

Hands On

Setup Google/YouTube accounts with students.


Brainstorming ideas for video recording next class. Creating students' individual/group YouTube accounts.


Google/YouTube accounts & YouTube video brainstorm worksheets.


We had an awesome time the first class! We mainly worked on brainstorming our ideas, and getting things onto our whiteboard which we set up as a storyboard. We started with getting our characters finished, and each student came up with a couple different background facts about their newly created characters for their film. Once we felt good about our characters we started working on the area that we wanted this to all take place. We know that we wanted to use the green screen but didn't really know what we wanted to put up on it. Did some more brainstorming about the different equipment and props we think we needed, and also some special effects like music, and other noises.

We finished off doing a little bit of filming, and getting a feel for what things were going to look like, and any tweaks that we might need to make to our storyboard.

Day 2

Recording your video


Out of Desk

Students will be able to record their footage wherever their desired setting may be, the greens screen will also be available for limitless background possibilities.

Hands On

We will spend the day acting out the students' ideas and recording them as needed.


Recording a YouTube masterpiece.


Prepping the camera and its equipment (tripod, microphone, SD Card, Green Screen, Photo Lamps, etc.).


For Day 2 our main focus was going to be recording, and getting some footage. We weren't too worried about the editing part, or many special effects but we wanted to make sure we had most of the footage we wanted to capture for our film. We started class doing a little bit of tweaking to our storyboard, and adding in any new stuff that we had thought of over the week away from class.

We had a total blast filming, lots of laughs, and good bloopers that we are going to throw into the movie as well. I think we learned a lot about what wasn't going to work, and what would work. I think we also started to really focus in on the specific things that the kids wanted to do, and what was possible within our means.

Class ended with reviewing some of our footage in iMovie, and doing a little bit of special effects with the green screen.

Day 3

Editing your videos

Clip, Clip, BOOM!

Hands On

We'll finalize recording our raw footage and then import it for editing. Next, the students will begin splicing, dubbing, and cropping their videos.


Editing recorded footage to meet length requirements and desired quality.


Prepping equipment for editing & transferring footage.


Day 4

Uploading your videos

Off to the internet!

Out of Desk

Hands On

Students will finalize the editing of their videos, next we will publish each student's video and prepare it for uploading. Finally, each student will add descriptors to their video when uploading to YouTube and then finalize the upload.


To upload a finalized video to YouTube


Devices for uploading. Printed pages with each student's YouTube channel URL for parents to keep.