YouTube Spring Break Camp Em 2019

Alex Noll, 2019-04-01, Classes

computer science, technology, youtube


1-week Session Monday-Friday, April 1 - April 5, 9:00am-12:00pm

Students will gain or expand their YouTube knowledge by creating their own YouTube channels, recording their own videos, editing their videos, and uploading their content. They will learn practical technological skills such as proper video recording, video editing, video publishing, and uploading videos to the internet.


Lead Instructor

Chris Kefalas

Additional Interns/Instructors

Alex Noll

Learning Objectives

Day by Day Topics


Students should have access to a device capable of accessing YouTube outside of class.

Day 1

YouTube Content Creation Introduction

Wanna be a YouTube star?!?

Hands On

Setup Google/YouTube accounts with students.


Brainstorming ideas for video recording next class. Creating students' individual/group YouTube accounts.


Google/YouTube accounts & YouTube video brainstorm worksheets.


We started class with an ice-breaker, and everyone included what their favorite thing about YouTube is. Next we worked on the iPad app Assembly to create a logo, and banner image for our YouTube channels. We did some quick brainstorming before taking a break for snack. The rest of class was spent brainstorming, developing our characters, and finally crafting a storyboard. Next class will begin with finalizing our story, and then moving onto the filming!

Day 2

YouTube Content Creation Review

Make your content POP!

Hands On

Overview of what makes for an amazing video.


Continuing brainstorming for video ideas, get oversight and advice on video ideas.


YouTube video brainstorm worksheets, YouTube video creation presentation.


Today we began class by reviewing different methods of filming and how each student should go about obtaining their recodings. Next, we did recording with each student all the way to our snack break, and then picked up recording immediately after. A few students were able to reach the editing stage today, with one group nearly finishing, and each other student following closely with their recording process. Next class, we'll finish more recording and get straight back to editing!

Day 3

Recording your video


Out of Desk

Students will be able to record their footage wherever their desired setting may be, the greens screen will also be available for limitless background possibilities.

Hands On

We will spend the day acting out the students' ideas and recording them as needed.


Recording a YouTube masterpiece.


Prepping the camera and its equipment (tripod, microphone, SD Card, Green Screen, Photo Lamps, etc.).


Today we began class by doing a group huddle and going over exactly what each student wanted to accomplish with the day and talked about how we would go about completing our goals. We planned everything out and the day including a healthy mix of recording, editing, and even uploading to YouTube! Next class most students should have their own completed video!

Day 4

Editing your videos

Clip, Clip, BOOM!

Hands On

We'll finalize recording our raw footage and then import it for editing. Next, the students will begin splicing, dubbing, and cropping their videos.


Editing recorded footage to meet length requirements and desired quality.


Prepping equipment for editing & transferring footage.


Today we started class by diving straight into editing! It was a day loaded and loaded with editing from starrt to finish, with every student nearing completion of their videos for the end of camp tomorrow. Tomorrow we will finalize each student's video.

Day 5

Uploading your videos

Off to the internet!

Out of Desk

Hands On

Students will finalize the editing of their videos, next we will publish each student's video and prepare it for uploading. Finally, each student will add descriptors to their video when uploading to YouTube and then finalize the upload.


To upload a finalized video to YouTube


Devices for uploading. Printed pages with each student's YouTube channel URL for parents to keep.


We finished up all the editing today! There was a couple last minute changes some campers wanted to make. Once everything was finalized we uploaded our videos to YouTube!

Tech Em Studios YouTube channel -

Some of the campers wanted to upload their videos to their own YouTube channel, you can check out their channels at these links below!

P -

C -

T -

R -

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